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wow, some interesting points. I'm not sure why people keep bringing up the fact that you have to "do what's best for the snake". Obviously, we don't need to keep saying this.

At least the negative posts about ladyhawk's original thread starter has ceased. that's good.

I agree with poisonous when he said the people that leave their snake alone with live prey shouldn't own a snake, barring special circumstances. reason being, both the prey and the predator have nowhere to escape to. it is a set up for disaster. the snake, which we obviously have more affection towards, is put in danger... not wise. I guess some person may argue otherwise, but I just don't buy it personally.

Doug, do you really take that literally, what zoe said about wanting to stay in her apartment? I don't think that was meant to be literal.

Anyway all, good thread. some heated debate, which is always good. so long as we don't let it get to the point where anger overcomes our senses. This is a community of sharing, not insulting. Let's keep it that way.

Cheers all, have a great day.
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