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Scam?! advice needed...

I have been looking for BRBs. I got in contact with a 'breeder' who had good prices on a juvi pair. I contacted him, and he sent me a pic. It was a great looking snake, so I e-mailed the guy to see them (I don't want to buy anything with out seeing it). the guy wants 25% down to hold, as they won't be 'ready to go' for two weeks. He emailed back saying this:

"Nothing aganst you i don't have people over hear just because that is are rules besides that they are not ready to leave for noter 2 weeks sorry about that not trying to be a ******* but
we have had problems bring people in and out and it never works let me knowif you still want a pair."

Am I right to think that something is fishy? I don't Understand...the guy wants me to give him money, but he won't let me see the merch in person?! I'm not sure how to handle it, as the guy is posting on this forum. I don't want anyone (including myself) to get scammed.

Thanks for your advise.
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