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Originally posted by Zoe
[B]Of course, but some people will just leave the live rat in there and leave the room. When that happens, and the snake isnt interested, if the rat is hungry or afraid, then the snake is in real danger (i mean, moreso than bites resulting from being constricted).
Sure that some people are irresponsible enough to let their snake alone with live prey.
it should NEVER happend but yet, some people are doing it and cries because their snake was injured or even worse, died.
And I think those people shouldnt have snakes at all....

So why feed live at all?
Some snakes wont take anything dead, its the owner's responsibility to be there when they are feeding their snakes with live preys... When you have no choice you only need to be responsible enough to supervise the live feeding... that's ALL... its not that complicated... I still dont understand why again many people wont act in consequences...

At some point it this hobby, you have to make a choice, its the rat or the snake, if you are not ready to deal with the ways of nature, then snakes are not meant for you.... Thats what i think about it..
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