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Yes, I agree. I'm sure a snake would be happier in the wild. But there are things in the wild that put the snake in danger. WHy subject the snake to those dangers in captivity to? I mean, why not just give them all parasites and put hawks and so on inside the cage with them? Obviously no one is going to

considering what we are doing to ourselves and our planet, YEAH I would rather live in the jungle with wild animals than live with other humans...
Oh yes, I agree. But I was refering to how we WOULD be living if we were in the wild (prehistorically, of course).

But I dont agree about people who is making it bad to give live prey to the snake, knowing that they are built for this
I reiterate: In the wild, the rodent has plenty of chances to escape. In captivity, the only choice a rodent has is to try and fight. That is where the greatest danger lies.

And finally, I dont think that snake was chokin
Nor did I, but it would be easy to see how one could that impression if the snake appeared to be stuck on the rat, writhing about and so on.

I think the mistake was pretty obvious, and LadyHawk has even acknowledged it. But it was a mistake, an easy one to make for a newbie, and I DONT think she deserved to be berated for it.
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