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I think the point is... snakes that have always been in captivity doesnt know that they are more "secure" in their little cages,
and I do not think they are happy in there, the proof is that they always look to escape...
and im saying "secure" because its not less than a trap... what if a fire starts in your house.. they will die trapped in their "secured" cage... and no way to escape because WE decided to keep them "secure"
Life is a risk, even in our world, we still have predators, but we have put ourself in a cage since we destroyed our environement and built our cities... now the only predators we have is ourselves...
considering what we are doing to ourselves and our planet, YEAH I would rather live in the jungle with wild animals than live with other humans...

even after years of captivity snakes will never loose their instincts... they are built for the kill and will always be.... we cannot get this out of them and people who are keeping them as pet should know it.. and respect them for this... trying to change snake's nature for our own pleasure... is it right ? I dont think so..

I do agree about f/t food is good, to keep your snake out of danger and scars...
But I dont agree about people who is making it bad to give live prey to the snake, knowing that they are built for this... how hard is it, when you give it to them, to see when it is not hungry and take it out ???

Maybe this snake didnt knew how to get it down right, but I do think he could have managed to get it down anyway, even if he had to threw it up and try again..
I had few snakes that caught the pinkies by the side and managed to swallow it in this position to..
go look and see the epicrates forum, I recall clownfishie who gave a huge rat to her boa, and yeah he took it down !!!! never underestimate your snakes,
They will always impress me..

Ladyhawk, I can understand your act, knowing that you are new to snakes we all do mistakes, I just hope next time will be a good one
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