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chondro, easy there killer. those are some harsh words man. people come on this forum because they want to share their experiences and hopefully learn from them. when you share, you let your guard down. lady. let her guard down, and you stomped on it. this site is for support...not whatever it is you did. as I posted earlier, and I'm sure she'd agree, she made a mistake. nowhere is there anything in any caresheet or book that says anything about not pulling out a mouse by the tail... obviously for someone experienced it's a no brainer, but that's how you learn. I realize you should know about the snake b4 buying it, but not everything can be read from a book. I really don't think this snake is traumatized for life as you make it seem. I remember when I was around 6 I tried to eat some chicken off the grill and burned my hand badly... did I stop eating for the rest of my life? sure, I"m human and can understand more then a snake can...but snakes have instincts... instincts to eat. It will eat again I imagine (unless there really is something that prevented it from eating the first time...) Actually Lady, would you let us know when it eats next? I would be interested in knowing that. Have you not made any mistakes chondro? have you not let your guard down and sought advice from those more experienced? You probably have. And when you did, did you get a lashing ? If so, how did you feel? If you didn't, then I guess you are luckier then Lady was. too bad.
Lady, you learned from your's not the worst thing in the world. This snake relies on you, and I'm sure you'll do everything to make it all better. Good luck,
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