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So MK, basically you are saying that worst thing you've ever seen, is me saying that saying that a snake would rather live in the wild in all sorts of danger than is safe captivity is comparable to saying that a human would rather live in the jungle in the trees, in similar dangers? You have lived a sheltered life, my friend!

If I was in constant danger of predators and possibly cannibalism, extreme temps, drowning, storms, etc, not sure where my next meal would come from, then I think I would like to stay in a suitable caged environment, all my needs being met? I dunno, maybe I cherish health and safety over freedom (and maybe I'm just lazy!)

and yeah, lay off LadyHawk. Have you never made a stupid mistake chondro? You make 50 of them in every post you write (I'm refering to spelling, not to your knowledge of snakes)! She thought her snake was choking! If you didn't know, and you thought your snake was DYING, would you still have left it? And if you had read everything, you would have seen she did not drown or waste that pinky.


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