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Herp clubs

Just wondering how many out there belong to a nearby herp society/club? Ours is great! (Suncoast Herpetological Society)We have fomous guest speakers from month to month, long discussions, field trips,etc. They go to schools and malls to give presentations to the public. Pass out info on herps to get people to get over fears and misconceptions.That is becoming more important every day.The best is our annual Xmas auction. You can pick up some NICE animals and supplies that have been donated by top breeders and herp supply companies.Last year I bid and won all of the Honduran milks donated by Terry Dunham( a member- Albino Tricolors) for a ridiculous price. They're all possible hets for ghost or snow! Rambling on, but just wanted to let you know that if you don't belong your local herp society -you should! There's a lot you can learn (and teach) from others with similar interests. If you think of it in those terms, Jeff has set up a society of herp lovers and comrades right here too! Thanks Jeff.
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