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Horny or Confused Waterdragons??

Hey all,

I posted this in the lizard forum but i haven't recieved an answer to the most important question. so i thought i woud try here...

i have a question for you. Today i saw my two lizards having a go at it. Now that in itself is not unusual right, but I am a little confused by thier behavior given the fact that they are two different species.

My male is an AWD and my female is a CWD. Are they just bored? confused? horny?

Has anyone heard of this happening? <b>I have read that the two species don't breed. Does that mean they don't shag? or that they do but no fertilization of the eggs occur?</b>

Can someone please clarify this for me. Should I do anything about it or should i just let them at it?

2 things to clarify:

AWD = Australian Waterdragon
CWD = Chinese Waterdragon

It was definately breeding behavior I witnessed. The male had her by the crest of her neck and the where in the breeding position.

So thats all. thanks for your input in advance.

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