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First off ,Ladyhawk,I sympathize with you...I don't agree,but I sympathize. It was a panicked move and most of us have done something we realized we shouldn't have after our panic subsided. In retrospect I'm sure you agree.
As a kid I always fed live and as a kid and saw nothing wrong with it. In fact it was interesting to watch.
I no longer feed live with the exception of crickets. Not because I believe it is wrong to feed live. I just believe that mercy should be used when dealing with food items that are capable of feeling fear and pain...especially to the degree mammals do.
I once had a horrible experience feeding a large mouse to a tegu who was eating mice that were smaller and easy to dispatch.
The mouse was not subdued and killed immediately as were the smaller mice before him. The tegu just took the mouse's front leg,ate it,and then went back for seconds as the poor creature ran around the cage on three legs screaming.
Belive me,I wanted to rescue that mouse but I realized it was too late and he would have suffered more if I had managed to get him out of the cage rather than leave him to the tegu.
That turned me off on live feedings although it wasn't the last time I fed live. I just took greater care to ensure the prey did not suffer a similar agony as that mouse did.
Someone once said "Maturity is the ability to feel someone Else's suffering". Or something very close to that.
Anyways,what I'm saying is that if you can minimize suffering in any given situation then it is the responsible thing to do so.
A snake or lizard will strike at a stunned rat that is still twitching.
Your herp is relatively safe from being hurt from the prey animal and the prey animal is probably unaware of either pain or fear yet still capable of triggering a feeding response in the snake or lizard.

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