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remember accidents happen! so dont hold it against yourself!
we kill things all the time!
like swatting flies and icky spiders, we tread on ants, snails, beetles, chop worms in half in the garden!
i guess it makes it easier that it cant really show its emotions? i mean if you did it to a cat, you'd definately know that it hates you!! and wants to scratch you eyes out....

dont mean to sound grim.. but if it was in pain, or unable to function properly, how would you euthanise a mantis?

its happened to all of us...
when i was younger we kept gerbils, they were really nervous and used to bite us ALL the time one day it bit me REALLY bad and i dropped it ...well i pretty much flung it over the otherside of the room........... well it broke its leg but we didnt get chance to take it to the vet because..... well she chewed the bottom of her leg off during the night well it didnt die... and with proper care it healed nicely and lived for ages!! i felt absolutely awful! i kept thinking that id wrecked her life! but she forgave me!..

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