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I did not read any of the reply's caus I am so dame mad at you.

sure it was not tastful to watch if you dont like what you see dont watch it leave the room now this is not the advice I would normaly give but we are talking about a pinky here and then next time try F/T. but now you stresed it out to the max and may never eat a pinky again and now you will be forced to feed it through a pinky press. CONGRATULATIONS and I dont care if I ofend you or not that was just a act of plain stupidaty that is like me puling out the hamburger right from your teeth.and then you flushed it so it would drown like that is a better way to die you made it suffer more buy wasing it and then flushing it. that is like me saving you from a shark then giving you a bath and then holding you under water. or was it just more humane cause YOU dident see it sufer. would it have kiled you to give your snake the extra time to finish the job it started and have the meal.
I am soory but that just discuseted me not only did you kill the pinky but you wasted it every thing I kill get eaten I never wast a thingI havent flushed a rodent in over 2 years.
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