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oh, i totally agree. if it has trouble feeding on f/t you gotta make sure you find something that it will eat. and you're right, many people are hypocritical, however, it's something learned that's not so easy to "unlearn". we are raised to be sensitive to animals (well, many of us are), so when it comes to a situation like this, some are more sensitive to the prey then's not something you can control. However, the more you do it, the more de-sensitized you become. So, if I was to start feeding live, in a few years it wouldn't effect my psyche as much as it would now. You are right though, that it MUST be whatever is best for the pet...have to put personal feelings aside. I guess I'm just lucky that I have NEVER had a problem feeding f/t. As for f/t loosing their nutritional value... that's true depending on how long it's been frozen for. I personally go to a store that I know breeds the rats and goes through so many that there are none that have been frozen longer then a week. If you go to a low volume store, you may have to pay more attention that sorta thing.
I guess I can sum by saying that everyone has their own style, own way of caring for their herps. Provided the keeper is providing educated care for the reptile, that's the main thing. feeding live has it's advantages, as it has it's disadvantages.
Anyway, good posts!
Cheers all,
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