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lord...I can see your point as well. I dont know if yours are less healthy. From what I have prey has more nutritional value then something that has been killed who knows when and frozen for who knows how long. Basically I was trying to say that I would rather have my baby snake eat live then not eat at all. IF you can start a baby out on f/t or p/k and they have no problem with it..then so be it. But, if its refusing to eat p/k or f/t...and the owner is stubborn about feeding live and would rather see the snake go without food until it does it p/k or f/t..then I dont think thats right. I would think that as reptile owners, one understands about the food chain. If you cant take the fact that a living creature is dying for another to live...then you shouldnt own those kinds of pets. Get a dog, cat, bird..etc. I mean we as humans eat meat...and millions of animals are killed each year so we can dine on the best beef...chicken etc. So whats the difference...they are led to slaughter as well. How bout people that fish...I mean they reel a fish in with hook through its lip...stick it in a pale...bring it home...chop its head off..clean it out...and fry it in a pan. But so many people are against dropping a live mouse in a tank for there pet to eat. I dont get it I guess. I'm not saying I dont feel bad for the prey, but it comes with owning reptiles.
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