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Sure, they do it in the wild, but half the reason we keep them in captivity is they don't have the endure the crap they would normally.
So what your saying Zoe is that its okay for us humans to take animals out of there natural habitat for our own pleasure so they dont have to endure crap??? WTF...are you kidding me?? I think the snake would rather deal w/ the dangers of its NATURAL surroundings that spend its life in a glass enclosure. But for our own enjoyment we keep exotic animals.
Thats what I meant when I said its more natural that it kills its prey itself. It gives the snake a chance to use its senses the way its designed to as it hunts for its food.
I didnt mean that the snake can rationally make a decision weather it wants to eat that dead piece of meat that you shake infront of it or the fresh live prey running around its enclosure. But from what I have learned, live prey often helps strike a feeding response. YOU should know this Zoe, I have read some of your posts and I think often times you have good information. But here I disagree with you. I would think your concern would be with your animals and if that means feeding live so a baby snake doesnt go without food for to long of a time, then so be it.

I almost purchased a boa from a breeder that told me that his snakes dont even constrict anymore cause they are so used to being hand fed. What good is that? Basically he turnes contstrictors into puppy dogs.

I am not a heartless bast***d, I do feel sympathy for them. But I also realize that my snake has to eat and thats more important.

Besides f/t, whats the difference between the snake killing its prey or someone pulling its tail to break its neck or wacking it on a hard surface. I mean basically your killing the thing anyway, it may be a bit faster, but your still killing it by hand. Anyway, I guess this is a topic that can be argued til the end of time. People are set in their ways and there really isnt a point in goin on about it anymore.
But live or dead, she shouldnt of pulled the prey out of its mouth. All she did was stress the thing out. I do realize that she learned from this and hopefully will be able to stomach feeding her pets in the future or else she should give up reptiles and buy a bird.
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