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Ideally, if an animal is sold as a certain sex and is discovered to have been sexed incorrectly, I feel that it should be replaced with an animal of the correct sex. Obviously this would have to happen within a reasonable amount of time though -- I recently discovered that 2 of my "male" leos were both females -- both were sold to me as visually sexed. One of them, I can understand how the mistake was made -- she has very pronounced bulges at the base of her tail, which indicated to both myself and the breeder that she was a male... however, when at almost 2 years of age "he" still hadn't produced any babies when put in with females, and subsequently laid infertile eggs when separated into "his" own tank, it became obvious that he was actually a she This happened almost a year and a half after I purchased the animal, and this is obviously a bit too long of an amount of time to have elapsed to expect anything to be done about it... Pretty much the same situation with the other "boy"... it wasn't until almost a year after purchase that I discovered that "he" was a she...
So, personally I'd say that if it is discovered within a reasonable amount of time that an animal has been incorrectly sexed, that the seller should be responsible in some way for either replacing the animal, or taking it back with a refund, or at the very least offering a correctly sexed animal at a discounted price...

Just my .02
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