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isn't this a general forum where, "if there is no other forum for it, anything goes." or something to that effect. I don't think anything wrong was done here. we all get those emails. when we get them some choose to read, some delete. it's your choice. Same goes here...when you first open this post and read the first line, everyone that has email can tell you what the rest of the post will be like. you could then decide to hit the back button and that's the end of it. The reason this stuff is so popular as forwards, is because many people enjoy them. And before you say that it's different because email isn't the same as a reptile forum, you are wrong. it's a way to communicate. nowhere does it say you have to speak mainly about reptiles in the general area. I posted about "sars-stock" last week. Was that wrong as well? The general forum to me is a more socializing forum. If you want to know something specifically related to herping, there will def. be a more appropriate forum...this is more a social least to me it is.
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