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A lot of times, the petstore owners ask questions to the grossists, (the people who imports the lizards). And if you ever been in a place like that, then you realise that petstores are following after these guys. A lot of grossists are in there for the money and the place is really bad. I have been in 2 of them, and both were sadening for reptiles. I know of at least 1 very good one but never been in there but know people who worked there.
What we should all do, (even if it sounds corny) is make info/care sheets of each reptile species we see in our surrounding petstores. Then we could just give them the sheets and ask them if it's ok to stick the sheets on the vivariums where the reptiles are. I think it would help a few petstores, even if some will prob use our sheet to wipe the s*** off the aquariums.
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