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LadyHawk, I probably would have done the same thing as you did. I've never had a snake have a problem like that, and it would have scared the crap out of me.

And yes, I agree with you that feeding live is not cool. Sure, they do it in the wild, but half the reason we keep them in captivity is they don't have the endure the crap they would normally.

Never forget that you have no right to change natures way
If you had said that 200 years ago, maybe. But we have changed natures way so much that it isn't nature's way anymore, now is it. Is keeping a snake from another continent in your house, in a cage, on newspaper natures way? That's news to me!

I think its healthier for there well-being and it makes it more natural for them.
How so? Snakes don't think the way we do, dj. Do you think a snake says "Oh darn! I really wanted a live one this time so I could be proud of myself to catch it!"? Of course not (at least, probably not!) If the snake believes it is alive, constricts it the same way it normally would, then the outcome is the same.

I mean give me a friggen break, its a damn rodent for crying outloud. People need to stop being such woosies.
Well that is an ignorant assement. Ladyhawk was expressing HER discomfort at seeing an animal in pain. Be it a snake, a cat, or a rodent. No one called you a cruel, inhumane monster for allowing rodents to suffer, did they? (its possible - I did skim over some of the fluff ). I don't want to see an animal in pain either. Which is why I buy my stuff dead or kill it myself. I have fed live only once, and thankfully my snake bit it right in the face and constricter it right away. But still, it took a few seconds to die and I was aghast at seeing the poor thing's tail spinning that way. At least you have the sense to not feed large rodents live, and if you wish to continue feeding young rodents live, of course it is your choice. But for some, rodents do have importance, because they do feel pain and do suffer, and it is not fair you to call them "woosies".


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