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Originally posted by Rich
My peeve is that they need to leave well enough alone. This country had sayings and beliefs long before all the foreigners came over. No one invited them here. If they get offended by our beliefs, then they don't have to condone them. But to say that it offends them is ridiculous. They had the right to come over and they have the right to leave.
*lol* You're right, those sayings and beliefs were there before those 'foreigners' came over.... only the sayings were in Cree, Sioux, Ojibway, etc, and the beliefes were decidedly polytheistic.

Originally posted by BoidKeeper
Only 4% yet look at the calander the whole world has to use it's based on JC's b-day. Must be nice for Jews to have to put up with.
The calender is Roman, the Romans at the time weren't christian. Most of the 'christian' holidays are placed where they are because there were important pagan holidays at those times of the year - the christian church put their own holidays in the same places because it's easier to convert a celebration into something else than to stop people from celebrating completely. This includes *gasp* Christmas.

The reason all the calenders we buy have christian holidays printed on them is that it's the <i>strongest</i> religion in the most powerful countries. 4% of people worldwide might be christian, but what's the % of north americans who are christian?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :rsmile:

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