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I was really surprised to see that some were offended by this joke thread. I've seen plenty on this forum beforehand that received no comments so I don't understand why this thread would invite such, shall I dare even say it, controversy.

This is the general discussion forum where we can post about things that aren't related to herps. For those who come here just for herp related talk, they should avoid the general discussion forum! If you don't like it, don't read it!

All this politically correct stuff is really getting to me. It seems that nowadays you have to be extremely careful about what you write for fear of offending somebody out there. Of course I am against any true demeaning of a particular group wether it be age, sex or race. But lighthearted jokes are lighthearted jokes.

Dark Angel: Great jokes! I can't wait to see how offended people are about those!!! I personally don't take any offense to them even though I am blonde but I can imagine that some others will.

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