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Well, Like everyone else, i'm going to jump on the bandwagon here.

My name is Justin, I live with my girlfriend who occasionally uses this account. Im very close to being 21, and i grew up catching watersnakes and garters on the Bruce Peninsula. I got my first "pet" herp when i was 15. it was an armadillo lizard. Since then, i've had many lizards and never really got into snakes till the last 6 months or so. Between my girlfriend and I, we currently own two savs, a blackthroat monitor, three balls and a burm.

now, onto the non-herp related stuff about me. I spent 2 years in Multimedia design, but, i gave up after i realized i couldnt actually draw a stickman.

when im sitting around the house, i wear pajama pants. when i go out, I'm all goth'd out. Which looks funny, cause my girlfriend is a prep. I guess opposites attract.

I like tattoos and piercings. I have two tattoos, and 00 guage earrings. I've retired some lip and nipple piercings. My new interest is surface piercing, which im researching on which one to get for now. although I Like the goth clothing attire, im not too fond of vinyl pants.

I believe in God, but i refuse to be part of a denomination because I dont think it's right to take someone else's interpretation of things and stick to that.

After herps, my other passion is target shooting. I love guns almost as much as i love herps (but, with anything, responsibility and saftey is paramount)

I Love music. Industrial music is groovy, EBM is my fav genre thou. (bands like wumpscut, Funker Vogt, Covenant, Suicide Commando.. etc etc etc...)

I dislike arrogent "im better then you" people, mornings, and stale potato chips

I like beer, Mr. noodles, and velvet pants.

i'm also easily distracted by shiney lights.

Cheers. Keep on posting :P
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