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IMO I dont not know why people make such a big deal about feeding live. I mean the feeders you buy in a pet store are bred just for that FEEDING. I believe that live prey helps start a feeding response especially with babies. Here is an example:

I recently purchased a baby hog island boa. I waited for over month to get him. The breeder was having trouble getting the babies to eat. Finally I just asked him to ship him anyway, and I would work with the animal. Well I do not know what he was doing, but after having him for 3 days, he ate a small (live) fuzzy mouse. I have had him now since May 26th and he is pounding down fuzzies. When the prey item is small it generally dies quickly and there is minimal suffering. IMO, I would rather have my snakes feeding well and be healthy then worry about the mouse/rat suffering. I can see feeding p/k or f/t when your dealing with large prey items that can really do damage during the attack. But when your feeding pinkies and fuzzies, let the babies do the work, I think its healthier for there well-being and it makes it more natural for them. Its like they get to reap the rewards of their hard work.

I mean give me a friggen break, its a damn rodent for crying outloud. People need to stop being such woosies. If you cant take it, then dont keep carnivores as pets. From what I have learned on this forum, is that the snake gets more protein from eating live, rather than something that has been sitting in a freezer and has been dead for who knows how long. I guess its really up to the keeper to decide how they want to feed their pets. For me, my snakes eat very well and are healthy and that my main concern!!
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