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>I wish you the best of luck with her and I hope that she eats >again.

I was concerned both ways: concerned because she was flipping all over trying to down that mouse and concerned because I knew it would be stressful if I intervened. I really was torn about what to do at the time. Perhaps I panicked.

It seems you're all in agreement: don't intervene. In the future I won't. You see, I need to learn. That's why I'm here.

Anyway, the milksnake suffered no lasting effects that I can tell and the tortured pinkie met a quick death in the end. The milksnake is eating fine. She's a trooper, obviously. I'm relieved she survived my mistake.

You're right, Pixie. It isn't fun to watch, but if the snake would starve without live food, that wouldn't be fun to watch, either. It's not exactly like we can make all the world's animals vegetarians. It doesn't work that way.

I have a question: Do you always have to start youngsters with live pinks or do some of them start right away on frozen thawed?

Probably different species have different propensities.
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1.1 Arizona mountain kingsnakes (Chris Baubel and Gerold Merker)
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1.2 Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.1 albino Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.0 hypo crimson corn (Kathy Love)
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1.0 double-yellowheaded Amazon parrot

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