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If you had bothered to actually read my whole post, you would realize that I know life feeds on life. Your response makes it obvious you did not read the whole thing.

I know everything dies. I know it firsthand. I literally watched the life drain out of my father in his last minutes. I have had to euthanize animals. When I was younger, I hunted with a gun. I don't do the latter anymore because all the hunters I know are poaching morons who enjoy torturing animals.

Perhaps I don't know the right things to do when a snake is stuck and can't swallow a live prey item halfway down its throat. She was going into contortions and thrashing. What would you have done?

Again, I am relatively new at keeping snakes. I don't think it's sincere to insult a person, then apologize in the same sentence. Shame on you! If you know of a better way to handle the situation of a stuck snake, then inform me without insulting me.

Even though everything has to die, and even though all life feeds on life, we have a responsibility to kill food items--I'm going to use the dreaded "h" word--in a HUMANE way. We are thinking beings. Yes, we are are part of the circle of life, but that doesn't mean we have to be sadistic about how we feed our pets. If we can control the level of pain and fear food animals feel, then we should.

And shame on you for drawing conclusions from a post you didn't read in its entirety!
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