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Wow I am absolutly shocked. I have been away for awhile.......I can't not believe it. It is truely amazing how someone you have never met and have only been in contact with through the internet can make you so sad to learn of their passing. I have only talked to him through his posts and comments. I will never forget the big headed carpet python that he share the pics of. He always had great pics to share with us. We were all so jealous of what he considered just local animals. He said that we are truely the lucky ones because we can keep what we like such as ball pythons etc. Imagine someone with carpets Irian Jayas, Jaguars etc talking about ball pythons....truely funny! But it shows his undeniable interest in this hobby. I will miss his posts and his knowledge. Like I said it is amazing how the passing of a human being can affect so many people he has never met. It is true that the true measure of a person is found by how many friends he had. Look at all the friends he had just on ssnakes.......
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