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Lol! Welcome to the club! I havn't really introduced myself yet, so here it goes.

I'm 14, but people think I look older. Blonde, glasses/contacts, greenish eyes, fairly tall. I'm actually quite shy sometimes, though you wouldn't think that if you knew me well.

I like a wide variety of music. I like pretty much everything... sports, books, water... Name it and i'll probably like it. Not freaked out or grossed out by much... theres only one thing im really scared of. (If you really want to know.. PM me. just beware.. its pretty stupid.)

I have been totally fascinated by animals since I was really little. I used to curl up in my blankets in the morning and say to my mom and dad... 'hatch me, hatch me!' And then I would hatch into some critter or other. I always used to carry around my bucket of plastic snakes and dinosaurs, and sit all by myself and play all day. This one time, I took them to my mom's friends house, who was a very serious plant person. I sat in a corner and proceeded to feed her beautiful houseplants to my dinosaurs. I don't think she was very impressed, but my mom laughs and still remembers it.

I have kept many various things in those critter keepers... A lot of different things. Since I was little, I've caught (and most released after a while):
-various frogs and toads (PM me for a cute story)
-various snakes
-a bat at one time
-baby lake fish
and many other critters I can't remember.

I still love animals and now have
-really fat cat
-feeder goldfish that are HUGE... theyre pets now.
-lake fish
-guppie babies
-Garter snake
-spadefoot toads
-3 mantises that I hatched earlier this year (let most of them go)
and various other things that come and go. I have 3 ribbon snakes on the way as well.

Sorry that was so long... you know how it is. You get typing and don't want to stop! This has actually been really interesting, I've got to know a lot about all of you. See you all around. ~TR~
Tammy Rehbein
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