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Well i heard a simlair thread like animals (pets) are not being treated right, in pet stores. I have never been to the back of the a pet store, but i believe what you say. This makes me really angry hearing things like this, i always wanted to do something but i dont know what to do, cause if i do call someone and the pet store is gone. Where can i get crickets? etc i could get it by mail but i dont like doing that.

At my pet stores, i see reptiles not placed in right tanks. Like i saw 10 beardie's all in a small criket book. I got really upset, when i saw those poor guys. I also saw a baby veiled chameleon only about 3 weeks old, they were being sold at a $100, the little guy didnt have a UBV light, and all was in the cage was those bendable vines. Poor thing. I can name a lot more stuff but i dont want to make it long.

Those kids could have got hurt. Hope there was someone there watching them. But even if someone was they should have known better. Im srry but i just had to let out my thoughts about how pet stores are selling these guys.

thanks for reading. Hope someone can do something about it
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