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Well lets see where to start.......

I am 19 been into studing herps for years. But never got to own one until december of first BP a male named Damballah (a voodoo god/dess).....He is 3ft now...I also just recently got my female baby bp Prana (breath of life, or life). I am a solitary pagan. I am the gothic kind but if I dress it or act it in this town/state then I will probably be shot, or have rocks thrown at me till I die.....
Live in Kansas and hate it....I was living in New England. But was told my grandmother was sick so me and my partner would come back. Me and my partner has considered moving to Canada....Kansas sucks, and so does the U.S.......We are trying to save the money up to move to Maine.....I can't wait.
The weather gets to be OVER 100 degrees...usually daily. It's so frickin hot. The job situation sucks. I am into bod mod and tatts so no one will hire me. I have three tatts. A cobra coiled around 2 blue roses on my chest, kind of below my neck but above my breast (am I allowd to say that?) A tribal that looks like either 2 swans with their necks bent to a heart shape or just a heart with wings tattooed on the side of my neck, and a humming bird on the front-back of my leg....I also have 1.1 cockatiels, 1 cat, 2.0 dogs, and 1 Netherland Dwarf rabbit. And did I say this state sucks????

I've turned into a Herpaholic.......I walk past the rubbermaids and imagine ways I can use them! lol

P.S.S My name is Ashley.......
The Mischief:
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