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Yes I am starting a cult, but it is a secret cult, so don't tell anyone.

And Gary, they did find a very reasonably priced house. It is a big house, well built, and with a huge yard (would go for 300,000 in vancouver).

It needs some work, as most first homes do, but money that otherwise would be wasted on rent, can be put into home improvements from now on.

And Grant, yes there is enough room in the town of leader for 2 zoos. The sign coming into town says "reptile zoo" rather than "scales zoo" to keep it fair incase another reptile zoo was to ever open up in this town of 1000.

Cost of living is probably the lowest in Canada, people are friendly, Leader is close to 4 larger centers, crime rate is very low, the habitat and wildlife found in the area amazing - and not what most people think of when they hear the word Saskatchewan.

Everyone should move out here and help to make this town a "snake commune". Everyone can wear little outfits, and call me "master" - it will be much fun!

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