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Well, my name is Kyle, im 18. Brown hair, blue eyes (i have pics of me in my photo album) i live about a 40 min drive east of toronto, in Pickering. I've loved snakes since i was little, but just got my first one a year ago (cal king). I want a ball python and some corns, but first im getting some crested geckos. Hockey used to be my life, ive played since i was 4, i used to play AAA, but quit last year to finish school and have more time for my friends and stuff. I graduated in june and am going to UOIT (the new university on durham college campus) in september for Business IT.
i love punk music, and other rock. I was supposed to go to the Warped tour in barrie yesterday, but my grandpa died on wed and his funeral was yesterday. I like bands like Finch, Northstar, The Used, Mad Caddies, Glassjaw, The Starting Line, Rufio, and like 50+ more.
I like piercings, I have my right brow done and 6g lobes. I have plans for several self designed tattoos, but they have been posponed due to my sudden love of crested geckos. But when i do get one, my first will be my last name in honour of my grandpa (prolly b4 xmas)
Ive been hit by a bus, a car and a bike, the bike doing the most damage (im not some disable person or anything). I dont like papar cuts, and icecream is always a good meal. My sister is 3 years younger than me but we have the same birthdate, and it was also my parents wedding anniversary until they seperated a few years ago.
Ive been single for over a year, because i havent met anyone interesting, and the high school crowd was getting very dull, can't wait till univ in september. Ive been in love once, then she dumped me after a year, for a guy ive known since jk.
Umm, this is long, but i never introduced myself when i joined anyways.
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