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CH is the terminology started for Togo pit hatched Regius.
Years ago the Africans used to simply ship adults to North America but over the last decade they have figured out that babies are worth more than adults , at least for the pet trade.(no good for eating or boots)
Africans now gather gravid females and hold them, sometimes simply in holes in the ground. They let the females incubate their own eggs as they would do anyhow. Then they simply take the babies once they hatch. Now this could be a renewable resource if managed properly, but rather than return the mothers tot the wild, the females are often either exported with the babies or eaten.
In some large scale operations, the snakes are taken inside enclosures and held in large cages.

Either way, the animals did not breed in captivity, they simply were snatched from the wild mid cycle.
Since they generally are hatched by the mother, they pick up her ticks and any other nasties she might have, so they should be considered similar to WC, in regard to health.
CB, captive born, or CBB would indicate the results of full blown captive breeding, and these animals should be clean and free from parasites.
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