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I guess it would depend who CH it. If you're talking BP's and it is CH over in Togo or Ghana then to me an import is an import. Also you'll find people using CB and CBB to mean the same thing. Some use CB to mean born in captivity which is the same has CH but boas don't hatch so CB is more apropriate to use for them. Some use it to mean Captive bred. I have 2.2 ball pythons that I'm goind to breed this year. That means the babies will have come from parents that were bred in captivity (CB) and they will be born in captivity. So they were captive bred and captive born, CBB. I've also read so where that CBB is used if the parents were also bred in captivity. Either way the offspring will be bred in captivity so they are CB and born in captivity so they are also CBB.
I think that's it. But in the order of things I guess CBB is always best because you know that it mean the animals came from parents the were bred in captivity and the animals therefore was obviously born in captivity.
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