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Im sorry Boid keeper if I in anyway offended you or anyone else I just posted it because I thought it was funny and figured maybe some here would as well. If thats not the case Mods feel free to delete move or what ever is appropriate.

As far as what this has to do with herps youre all right absolutely nothing, and again it makes no difference to me if it is moved or deleted. Ive seen tons of these posts before and figured Id contribute as well. If that's considered innapropriate well then I will have to try and avoid encouraging anyone to crack a smile again here... or... maybe throw a snake into the mix to make it herp related Hows that? I can do that if thats all it takes

In all honesty though (and please dont be offended by this) the phrase "lighten up" comes to mind.

I dont get the sexist thing are you implying its offensive to men or women? and if thats the case once again Im sorry that was no my intention.

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