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Help! Bad Pet Store! (Warning: will be a long post!)

I went to a pet store to get crickets for my parents beardies and the place was horrible! There were 12-13 yr old kids "handling" things in the back! One of them had a red tailed boa (4-5 ft, he was as long as the kid was tall!) hanging around his neck, and he was leaning over an open top mouse cage with tons of mice in it! There were about 5-6 other kids picking the mice up by the tail, hanging them about 1-2 feet in the air then just droping them! The kid with the snake around his neck was walking around with a baby beardie on his shoulder while with one hand he was trying to get some other small lizard out of a container and with the other he was grabbing a handful of crickets!
There was a Plated lizard that looked dead! He was leaning over on his side, his eyes half open, and his tounge sticking out a little. I couldn't tell if the poor thing was breathing! They had some sort of large turtle (tortosie (SP?) running around that was about 40-50 lbs! Then when the kid with the snake couldn't get what he wanted he walked to the middle of the room and set the snake down on the floor! I was hoping the thing would crawl up my pant leg and let me walk out with him! But of course not. The cages were dirty they had a foggy look to them especially down by the bottom, dirty water and dirty paper! They called it the ''cricket room".......I was leaving and I said "you all got a tortoise running around (he had come out of the herp room and was wandering around by the front, by the cage of the big mccaw ) and she said "ya cute huh" I'm just like right as I have a disgusted look on my face, and I walk out.......WHO DO I CALL! That was a disgusting place and they let the kids terroize the poor animals!!! Any advice would be appreciated!
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