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The posting of Links in the chat is one thing, but its the content of the links. I believe it was about 2 weeks ago that Shane woke up in the morning to see that the person in question here had posted about 40 links and they were all to different Knives. He also wrote about 40 lines of one letter. So he was Banned by Shane. I too have nothing against Bryce, he seems like a really cool guy and i talk to him in chat when we're in there at the same time. I also tried to help him get unbanned. But for Shane to wake up in the morning and see that, i can see why he acted and took the actions that he did. Also, For Beejay to ban him today, i can understand, she was instructed to do so by Shane, so she was just doing what she was told (i know that doesnt sound nice, but you know what i mean). Wait, i'll change told to 'Asked'..
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