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Marisa exactly my point...this is a little snipper that got me to start this thread.

[21:25] bryce>
[21:26] bryce>
[21:26] bryce>
[21:26] Melly> brb
[21:26] bryce>
[21:27] bryce>
[21:27] bryce>

Looks like flooding right? I can agree with that, but hang on a second!

[21:29] bryce> whoops I thought i was posted on the other chatroom honest mistake
[21:30] bryce> next time i will only leave one window open...
[21:30] *** bryce has left #ssnakess
[21:30] *** Mode change "+b *!*" for channel #ssnakess by Beejay

Yes that is the ban command used on Bryce after he apoligized for an honest mistake.

[21:33] Beejay> Just because I like the kid doesn't mean I won't ban him! lol
[21:33] Mike-Gone-Digital> beejay, he honestly posted those by mistake, he had an entire list goin' through the other chat we're in
[21:33] Beejay> well he was warned and I've been instructed.
[21:34] Mike-Gone-Digital> awww beej :|
[21:34] Beejay> take it up with Shane.
[21:35] Beejay> Shane warned him specifically not to post links to knives
[21:35] Kurzix> so no most posting links hu?
[21:35] Melly> oh
[21:35] Kurzix> can i post links to knives?
[21:36] Beejay> I prefer you don't
[21:36] Kurzix> not what i asked lol
[21:36] Beejay> Yes you can, and then I have to ban you because you just saw this whole conversation! lol
[21:36] Melly> lol
[21:36] Kurzix> shane never told me i couldn;t post links of knives
[21:37] Kurzix> see shane specificly yold him

Now I am not laying blame to Shane, BJ, or anyone else listed here. all I am saying is that the rules posted would prevent it from the future. Yes those were taken in bits and pieces, but I don;t feel it alters the context, anyone who wants the whole log is more than welcome to it. Just trying to save some space yet get my point across.

PS and yes Bryce was unbanned an hour later.
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