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Exclamation SsnakesS Chat room Ideas

To everyone who knows me, you all know I spend a whole lot of time in the chat rooms. And I don't post nearly as often as I used to. But that is simply because its a little rough looking at all those great herps and not being to able to have any at this point in time.

Chat night was a super big success! And to keep with the chat rooms success (we want more people in it, not less!) I've got a few ideas. More or less things other chat rooms that have been around a while have. Granted some things may not be doable on this server. But to anyone else list your ideas, or thoughts on mine, and maybe some can implemented.

1) a definte set of rules. Alot of sites in the top list a website where you can see the rules clearly spelled out. Or they have a bot, that greats people and askes them to check out that web site. and alot even have a function that you type !rules, and the bot them PMS the person the rules.

2) as the site has gone on alot of rules have changed, been added etc. which is one more reason for the list, they can be added, then using one of the above methods everyone entering can see rules have been altered and check out the new ones.

3) all too often there is only on or 2 mods in the channel, and both are just lurking, so when a mod is needed one really isn;t there.

4) I don;t think the mods need us to tell them the rules for their chat room, but I also don;t see any reason why as the main users of that chat should not be able to find a specific list of rules that ALL memebers are asked to follow. The forums have their own, but the mediums are so diffrent that diffrent rules are needed.

Any other thoughts?
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