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Angry Dumbass

I'm going to repeat the conversation I had yesterday at work...

JENN - "What if one of the savs or the nile or iguanas don't get sold by the time they become more than 'baby sized'?"
FISH GUY - "That never happens. I'd probably stick 'em in the freezer long before they become that big"

He was serious...

If that's the case and he literally discards the unwanted LIVE reptiles into the freezer, he's either getting a kick in the ba...erm...I'm going to hurt him or I'll be taking alot of animals home.

But don't worry guys, there will NEVER be a live reptile put into the freezer on my watch. As long as i work there, rest assured that those animals will all be put into homes and also that their owners will be at least somewhat educated on proper care and will also be directed to places where they can get extensive caresheets.

I was actually thinking of printing out caresheets for all the herps we have at the store. And everytime someone is considering purchasing one, handing it to them. I think the boss would be pissed because I'm supposed to sell them books. But I end up telling them everything they need to know. Like a girl and father who wanted the baby ball python, I talked to them for two hours about care and temperament and feeding, etc. hehehe

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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