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I say follow in the path of Jenn and apply for a job there. Be proactive in improving things rather then just looking for someone to complain to. =)
Hehe Oh Chuck is so nice He is right though. That was the best way for me. Now, not only are all the herps taken care of but I get money for doing so. It turns out that the pet stores care about the animals but they're either uninformed, or the reptiles are left as a last priority because they don't sell as much as the "cute little furry animals and fish".

You don't necessarily have to get a job either. Just make yourself known. Show up once a week. Take a look at things. Keep telling them they're doing things all wrong. Show them print outs of proper care. Ask if you can volunteer in the herp section.

And yes, you can also report them. But, alot of the time, the best way to get something done is to do it yourself...

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