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You wont get offers to buy them. Offer a selling price and go from there. I offered but I couldn't really pay you much for it. I wouldn't buy it anyway because I would want to give you the option of taking it back when you return to the mainland. I'd guarantee it a good home but that's up to you who you decide to trust. But I don't have a lot of experience with snakes so you can certainly find a better home than me. But if you want someone responsible who wont let it go hungry and keep it clean and all that that's a different story. If they are people in the area, ask to see where they live and see how other herps are kept to get an idea. The more I post on threads the better idea I get if someone is a responsible herper or not. The best you can hope for is the vibe you get when you meet someone. I don't blame you for being hesitant certainly. One thing that bugs me about the herp world is the way that people don't screen the homes the animals go to like responsible breeders do with dogs or cats. Most (not all) herp deals leave that up to herp rescue organizations to deal with the ramifications of an unfit home. So anyone with no experience can very easily obtain a snake they can't handle and it's really sad. I commend you for being concerned about their well being and making sure they go to wonderful homes. I wish more people had that atitude about reptiles.
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