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Last resort

While we are working on figuring out my friend’s camera and getting the software onto my roommate’s computer, I believe I did find my last resort for my snakes, if I can’t sell them off to wonderful homes. I know everyone’s thoughts on reptile rescues but I was given info from local shops and vets of a place in CT called Ashleigh’s Garden which was a rescue for reptiles and amphibians. I called up the place, explained my situation and then started asking 101 questions. The woman I spoke with said that she would prefer that I came to the rescue to talk and take a look for myself.
The outside was very well kept and I was shocked to smelled roses when I first walked through the doors- I was standing in a flower shop. Several women greeted me and I was told that the rescue was the back half of the flower shop. All proceeds they gain from the flower shop go toward supporting the rescue. So they lead me to the back where there were several extremely well kept rooms. The rooms were very well organized and exceptionally clean with tons of tanks that had all sorts of snakes, lizards, geckos, monitors, turtles, iguanas, you name it, I think they had it. Each tank was clean, had hide holes, water, climbing sticks, and even fake plants and flowers to make them look pretty. Their staff consisted over several vets with specialties in herps, several retired doctors, science teachers, volunteers of every age and people who just gave a damn. They try to handle every animal several times a week. The rescue started with an albino burm that had such a horrible RI that if you held it upside down, snot and such would continuously flow out for minutes. The enclosure they had for the burm was unbelievable and the burm is doing great today! I walked around with this woman who for 40 minutes told me the name and history of each herp they had rescued. You can tell how much she cared and gave a damn.
Not all the herps were rescues, they did buy some. They take some of the most docile snakes in great health and use them for educational/informational shows at schools and clubs. They even bought a few anacondas to educate people that anacondas weren’t as bad as the movie “Anaconda” made them out to be (which in turn gave the herp world another bad rep). She said that they do not do adoptions and will not sell any of them. They recently got a new alarm system to prevent break ins. They really have a wonderful collection and they are all so passionate to help the herps that I pretty much teared up in the place and knew that I would feel comfortable donating my snakes to them. When I first spoke with the woman on the phone (I have her name written at home somewhere) I even asked that if I am gone for only 3 years or so, and if I came back, would she give the snakes back to me. She was never confronted by this question before and said that she wouldn’t see a problem with it only if I was able to take good care of them and not leave the mainland again.
There were like 3 or 4 rooms. Two of the main rooms were meant for the tank animals, one other room was converted solely for (I think it was 6) iguanas- it even had bay windows for them to sun themselves! They had a big macaw in some other room where they were getting back a sulcata and somethingerother else.
As much as I don’t want to give my girls up, I really do think I would feel comfortable giving them to this rescue. I would have no problem even sending them a donation each month (whether I give them the snakes or not) because they really are doing such a great job at trying to help these reptiles.
Well, that’s my update for now. Sorry it was so long- but it’s very important to me to make sure they live happily ever after.
I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

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