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Simple. Its not people that buy "pet" snakes. Its an investment. And pretty much the most lucrative investment outside of drugs, except snakes are legal!

Its not the average Joe-Blow that's going out and spending $10 Large on a Ball or Boa morph. Its the professional breeders that are. Heck, some people think its crazy to even spend $20 on buying a reptile for a pet? What do you say to them? Its all perspective man. I can't believe people pay $150,000 for a car that can be out-performed by a $45,000 car. Why do people buy $750,000 7-bedroom homes when there's only 3 people in the family? But I digress.....

Its not the every-day 15 year old who wants a snake for a pet that buys an investment snake. Heck, out of the 3,000 members here, I bet there's only 60-80 people that have ever actually bred anything (INCLUDING Leopard Geckos and Beardies!). They aren't buying Ball Morphs. Nope. Its the breeders who have bred snakes and lizards for years and want something different. I have bred Ball Pythons for 8 years now, why would I go buy another normal one when I have had hundreds pass through my hands? They all start to look the same. Don't get me wrong, ALL snakes (actually, all animals) are cool. But If I can trade 10 baby normal balls for something different (say a Pastel) then why not? Doesn't cost me anything if I produce 30 Balls in a year. I just trade some in for a different (but not better) model. No biggie.

You see, if you bred a $200 animal (say a boa) and it had 15 babies, then that would be $3,000. You didn't work 8 hrs a day for 4 weeks straight to earn that money, so in a sense, it doesn't hurt too bad to flip it back into your hobby, right? Well $3,000 can buy you a pretty cool snake. Now say you bred those. Well they produce you 10 babies @ $3,000 and now all of a sudden, you have $30,000 to play with and float back into your hobby. Its funny money. No real work was involved. Just you, doing your hobby, doing what you love. How cool is that? Very cool.

So to summarize: these expensive snakes are not meant for the novice herper who goes to the pet store and buys a 10 gallon and a Leopard Gecko and a hot rock and a UV light etc etc. These morphs are bought and traded by people who have made reptiles their life. People who have made money from the hobby and don't really want to buy anything other than more snakes. And let me tell you, I'd rather own a Clown Ball Python than 250 MORE Rainbow boas!!

But why would snakes surprise you? so many more things surprise me. Why would people spend hundreds on Beanie Babies? Why do people spend thousands on their Star Wars collections (gay). Why do people buy a new PC every 3 months to play the latest Unreal, Doom, or Quake games? Why do people spend $4,000 on a car stereo system when all it sounds like it white noise at that volume? Why? Because people want to and in the Free World, we seem to have disposabl income to burn.

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