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I saw something about king cobras on TV,may have been Jeff Corwin,but I'm not sure
it was Mark O' Shea! how dare you get them mixed up
i was really disapointed when they'd spent all that time getting a king cobra, and nothing happened!
the recording wasn't exact enough to elicit a response,I dunno.
i thought that..... there seemed to be quite a bit of interference on the tape and it was kinda muffled/fuzzy?

my mother talks to my snake all the time and to prove to her that hes not listening i have to shout at the top of my voice.... no response...

i DO think they can feel vibrations through the ground or something because theyre touching the thing thats vibrating and can pick it up.
but dont you need ear drums or a membrane of some kind to be able to pick up air born vibrations?
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