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thats awful i HATE it when people dont know how to care for their animals!!
recently we went to an aquarium while on holiday... it was awful.. huge fish in crap small tanks, horrid water... the fish were fighting some had no eyes, some had some had parasitic infections, some had obvious swim bladder problems... what made it worse was that we paid to go to this place! we funded those idiots to treat these animals badly! we thought of complaining, but then again... what do WE know?
to be honest i dont think you have a chance in hell of them listening to you personallu, but i think they would listen to someone with authority and someone who can actually take action.
i'd never buy anything from them, never buy a herp, never buy food, NOTHING! they dont deserve your money and the animals dont deserve to be treated like that!!

bryce: There is another approach but I cant say it here......
lol! that doesnt happen to involve that knife in our avatar does it?
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