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Oh no...the wishlist! I have enough on my definite additions to the collection without the ones I probably will never
Here's both, some I will have, and some I won't...

2.2 Turks Island Boas
2.2 Clouded Boas
2.2 Bolivian Boas (southern)
2.2 Argentine Boas
2.2 Argentine Rainbow Boas
2.2 Tannimbar Scrubs
2.2 Diamond Pythons
2.2 Isla Marajo BRB
0.0.2 GTP (Blue Sorong and either Biak or Bokondini, maybe even Jayapura)
0.0.1 Yellowfoot Tortie
0.0.1 Boxie (not sure what kind)
1.3 Uromastyx (Mali or Nigerian)
1.0 Hog Isle BCI
1.0 Colombian BCI
0.0.1 Peachthroat Monitor
0.0.1 Ionides Monitor
1.1 Frilled Dragons
2.2 Brazilian BCA
4.4 Rosy Boas (Whitewater, El Rosario, and ??)
1.1 Roughscale Sandboas
1.1 Emerald Tree Boas
1.1 Amazon Tree Boas
0.0.1 Indian Star Tortie
1.0 Normal phase Horned Frog (Argentine)
1.0 Suriname Horned Frog

I think that's it, but I'm sure I'm leaving out quite a
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