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Colonel SB
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Oh this is gonna be long lol.

1.1 Black Bloods
1.1 Axanthic Mollucan Scrubs
1.1 Rhino Vipers
1.1 Spider Balls
1.1 Lemon Line Pastel Balls
1.1 Albino Balls
1.1 Albino Patternless Leos
1.1 Bannana Blizzards
More Super Hypo Tangs
1.1 Boa constrictor longicauda
0.1 B.c.i from El Salvidor (to go with my male)
1.1 Albino Boas
1.1 Amarli's Boa
1.1 Albino Lavender Retics
1.1 Albino Laberynth Burms
1.0 Salt Water Croc (seeing as were dreaming)
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