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ooooh......a wish list !!!
a legless lizard
many more corn snake morphs
a rosy boa...or 2...or 3...
a western hognose pair
a few kenyan sand boa morphs
a tank of anoles
a tank of hermit crabs
a tank of emperor scorpions
a tank of flat rock scorpions
a millipede
a tank of firebellied toads
a tank of firebellied newts
a teacup stingray
a chamealeon
a chilean rose hair tarantula
a crayfish
a tank of japanese red claw crabs with a betta
I think that about covers it !!
This wish list is also a "working on it" list !!
(+birds & mammals as well !!)
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia
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