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Before I knew anything about snakes (not that I know sooo much now) I had a roommate who had a very neglected snake. This guy also had ferrets for less than two months before getting rid of them, yes he has problems. Anyway, he did not want his snake in his house anymore and he resorted to keeping him in his band's rehearsal space, eventually he got rid of him, but I have a distict feeling that he just let it loose.

I'll get to the point. He used to keep it in his rehearsal space and of course there was a lot of noise in there, booming from the rock band's musical equipment. I wondered at the time if it disturbed the poor snake and I'm sure now that it was extremely stressed, especially if snakes are that sensitive to vibrations. If I lived then where I live now, I would have taken him in. He was a red tail boa of some sort.
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