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Well a friend of mine has a Egyptian cobra “Naja haje" which is housed in a heated terra in the garage. He was in the garage busy with some stuff. At a sudden moment he looked at his cobra and the animal was in his typically threaten position, so standing up about 0.5metres above ground and facing him. At that moment his brother slammed the door of his car, which was parked outside and more than 15 metres away from the garage.
The cobra immediately turned in the direction of the sound.
He found that very remarkable because it is a house that stands alone, there’s no passing traffic there and it was at night.
How would I have to understand that.

I read that just like the teeth of a snake also the tongue is sometimes replaced. I don’t know if the mean that there’s a tongue waiting behind the other or that it is like with humans. That the tongue is renewed layer after layer, like with the skin of humans.

What do you guys think of that.
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